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    2/2/2015 - Winter Weather reminders

     Winter Weather Reminders     Image result for snowman clipart

    Please clear the area around your mailbox so that your postal carrier can access it from their truck.

    Please clear the any snow blocking the numbers on your mailbox so emergency personnel can locate your home in case of an emergency. If you don't have numbers on your mailbox please ensure that your house numbers are visible.

    Please remove snow and ice from public sidewalks within 12 hours of the end of a snowstorm.

    Please clear snow from fire hydrants and catch basins near your home for the safety of you and your neighbors.

    Please do not park on streets in residential areas.

    Please do not throw snow into the street when clearing your driveway.

    Winter sand is available to town residents in a marked area at the Highway Garage at 42 Ffyler Place. Bring your own bucket and shovel.

    Mailboxes that are directly hit by the snowplow will be repaired or replaced by the town. Damage caused by snow hitting mailboxes is not reimbursable. A possible stipend of $45 may be paid for mailboxes directly hit by the plow. The highway foreman will determine the reimbursement. Please call the Public Works Department (860-668-3890) or the First Selectman's Office (860-668-3838) to report damage. If you live on a State maintained Road you should contact the East Granby DOT at 860-688-6266.

    Winter Gas Safety...keep natural gas meters and outdoor gas appliance vents clear of snow and ice using a broom or your hands. Shovels can sometimes damage the equipment. If you smell gas leave immediately to a safe place and call 911. ?

    Do NOT use generators inside your home.

    Thanks for your cooperation in these matters!