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    Suffield Local Prevention Council

    The Mission of the SLPC is to have members of the Suffield Community who have the shared goal of increasing substance abuse awareness by providing information on prevention and available help resources while supporting a stigma free vision of addiction as an illness.

    SLPC Goals

    • Promote substance abuse prevention and early intervention.
    • Identify local substance abuse concerns.
    • Educate Suffield on substance abuse issues that exist in every community.
    • Assist community members and organizations in the coordinated efforts to combat substance use.

    SPLC Membership
    Membership shall consist of one or more representatives from each of the following required 12 sectors:

    • Youth (18 or younger)
    • Parent
    • Business
    • Media
    • School
    • Youth-serving organization
    • Law enforcement
    • Religious/Fraternal organization
    • Civic/Volunteer groups (i.e., local organizations committed to volunteering, not a coalition member designated as a “volunteer”)
    • Healthcare professional
    • State, local, or tribal governmental agency with expertise in the field of substance abuse (including, if applicable, the State agency with primary authority for substance abuse)
    • Other organization involved in reducing substance abuse

    The SLPC shall hold an initial organizational meeting to appoint original members and award voting rights as determined by those participating in the organizational meeting. All appointments thereafter shall be made by a majority vote of all members with voting rights.

    Voting rights shall be awarded to nine (9) members. A quorum of five (5) voting members shall be required for all decisions. For any motion to pass, a simple majority of members present and voting shall be required.

      2017 Meeting Schedule

      • August 9, 2017
      • September 13, 2017
      • October 11, 2017 - Canceled
      • November 8, 2017


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